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Acura RSX-S Oil Pump 15100-PRB-A01

  • If you are putting a K24 engine together or planning a swap, consider upgrading the oil pump. The K24 oil pump is heavy and has balance shafts that rob horsepower. Not to mention, they aren't as efficient at maintaining pressure as you increase your redline.  Be sure you have access to factory manuals to get exact step-by-step and specs.

    Items we used in this video:

    • K20A2 Oil Pump Assembly - OHA-15100-PRB-A01 (This part)
    • K20A2 Windage Tray - 11211-PNC-000
    • Windage Tray bolts (x6) - 95701-06014-08
    • K20A2 Oil Pump Chain - 13441-PCX-004
    • K20A2 Oil Pump Chain Guide - 13460-PNC004
    • K20A2 Oil Pump Chain Tensioner - 13450-RAA-A02
    • K20A2 Oil Pump Hardware:

      (x1) 95701-06025-08

      (x1) 95701-08050-08

      (x1) 95701-08075-08

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