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  • 90-day limited warranty.

  • Well suited for Stage 1 and Stage 2 clutch kit applications.

  • Stamped with 4140 plates with 2000-ton pressure at 1260 degrees.

  • CNC machined and balanced to O.E. specifications.

Competition Clutch - Light Steel Flywheel (K20A2/A3/Z1/Z3)

  • Competition Clutch flywheels are made of high quality 4140 forged steel and are designed in one piece, reducing the chances of ring gear separation and friction surface warpage. All flywheels can be resurfaced to obtain the correct flywheel step, listed in the CCI catalog, or by calling directly.

    Lightweight steel flywheels are recommended for naturally aspirated and/or street driven applications as they are designed to preserve low-end torque and drivability, making them well-suited for Gravity, Stage 1, and Stage 2 clutch applications. Additionally, CNC machined and balanced to O.E. specifications, resulting in reduced mass and increased acceleration, meeting and exceeding SFI 1.5 standards.

    Reduced Mass = Increased Acceleration.

    Meets and exceeds SFI 1.5.

    Weighs 11lbs.

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