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  • Machined & anodized billet aluminum

  • JIS 10.9 high-strength steel zinc plated hardware

  • OEM style pulley

  • OEM quality bearing

Hybrid Racing K-Series Idler Bracket & Pulley Kit

  • Strength & Flexibility 
    We tackle one of the most common K-Swap issues with a new look and fresh idea. Our idler bracket and pulley kit was designed to take the guesswork out of a reliable belt tensioner system. 

    It's simple. Keep the OEM belt tensioner and alternator in place. Our bracket replaces the power steering pump, and our guide helps you find the right belt that puts it in the OEM system in the proper tension window. No more worries about your alternator falling, belt walking, or charging issues. We also altered the geometry to 

    We created two kits for the modern K-Swap. One for pretty much all engines sold in the USA, Japan, and Europe and another kit specifically for the common JDM K24A engine. 

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