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  • Mounts shifter cables to the front of K-Series trans.

  • Use for RWD K-Series applications

  • Must use DC5 style cables & K20 transmission.

  • Carbon steel construction with durable powder coat finish.

Hybrid Racing RWD K-Series Shifter Cable Bracket

  • As the popularity of installing K-Series engines and transmissions into RWD applications grow, proper shifter and shifter cable geomety is extremely important. Unlike FWD setups where the shifter cables mount to the top of the gearbox and exit over the rear, putting the transmission behind the driver means the cables must exit over the front, the opposite side as Honda intended.


    Our simple bracket allows customers to bolt the cables directly to the front of the K-Series transmission without any modification to the gearbox housing. Once the gear selector counterweight has been cut off, you are able to mount OEM DC5 style shifter cables to the gearbox as normal. No need to use complex linkage adapters or other brackets. 


    Inside of the car, mount your shifter so the cables point towards the transmission and boom, you have a proper gear shift pattern and, more importantly, the correct shifter cable angle geometry. Correct geometry is important so the shifter cables and gearbox work smoothly. Improper geometry can break shifter cables, prematurely wear bearings or create a difficult, inconsistent gear change.


    Our shifter cable brackets come with all of the necessary mounting hardware and are laser cut from high strength carbon steel then powder coated for a durable, long-lasting finish. 


    Fits K20A/A2/A3/Z1 gearboxes

    Must use DC5 style or Hybrid Racing A2 K-Swap shifter

    Must use DC5 style or Hybrid Racing DC5 shifter cables

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