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  • Smooth operation

  • Internal Spring*

  • 5%-35% reduction in gate spacing.

  • 20%-45% reduction in front/back movement

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly (10-16 CR-Z)

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  • A performance shifter solution for Honda's Hybrid sports car.

    When Honda launched the CR-Z it was met with worldwide fanfare in hopes of rekindling the love and excitement that was once offered by the legendary CR-X. With an emphasis on sporty handling and a dynamic chassis, the CR-Z lived up to the fun driving experience but ultimately left drivers wanting more power.

    Our love for the CR-Z has been repressed by the high price tag and low production numbers but the demand for high-performance parts pushed us to create something special. Our shifting engineers got to work and quickly solved one of the CR-Z's biggest shortcomings, the shifter. Hundreds of anxious owners and tuners asked us to make this part so we answered the call. With over a year's worth of design and development, it is now ready.

    There is no greater feeling than crisp gear change. A loose or hard shifter changes the way you drive and can affect the way you feel about your driving experience. The best shifters have tight, direct shifts that require little effort. Replacing the old dual extension springs, our innovative design allows the end-user to customize their shifters’ stiffness by changing the new internal wave spring. We ship every new shifter with our favorite, stiff spring, but we also include a softer spring if you want to change it up

    Of course, our new CR-Z shifter is available in two amazing colors. Dust Black, our traditional three-step anodizing and finish offers a stealthy dark look. Also available is the new Dust Red color, a vibrant hue that is sure to be the focal point of any interior.

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