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  • Replacement belt for HR AC/PS Idler Bracket

  • Fiber-loaded EPDM compression rubber

  • OEM quality

  • 5-Year Warranty

K-Series Power Steering Delete Micro V-Belt

  • Works with HR Idler Bracket & Pulley Kit 
    Changed the engine or just need a new belt? No problem. These are PIX-Thermal®-XC High-temperature, Poly-V Belts. They have specially designed top fabric which enhances lateral stiffness and flexibility and protects the belt from oil, grease, and dust. The fiber-loaded EPDM compression rubber offers high thermal resistance and enhanced dimensional stability

    These belts are sized specifically for the Hybrid Racing Idler Bracket & Pulley Kit. We offer four sizes that fit nearly all K-Series engines without AC. 

    HYB-BLT-00-01 - 7PK1270/500K7 - 50.0" Lenght
    HYB-BLT-00-02 - 7PK1285/505K7 - 50.5" Lenght
    HYB-BLT-00-03 - 7PK1300/512K7 - 51.2" Lenght
    HYB-BLT-00-04 - 7PK1320/520K7 - 52.0" Lenght 

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